Welcome to the Blue Chalcedony Mine

We are supply source of blue chalcedony from thousands of hactare mine area in West Anatolia, Turkey.

We supply the World. Whether Factory, Artist, Dealer, or Collector, we can fill your needs. If you are interested in blue chalcedony by ton or kilo it is all grades available here!

Chalcedony, of any color, is named for the ancient seaport of Chalcedon (now KADIKOY, Turkey). It has a long history in jewelry. Archaeologists have dug up Babylonian and Assyrian chalcedony cylinder-seals dating from 2500 to 500BC

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Blue Chalcedony Translucency Comparison

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Big and flawless nodules available look like below for processing to make carving and bangles

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Satisfaction is Always Guaranteed From Direct Mine source

We are supplying premium quality 100% natural rough blue nodule chalcedony with regular supply. Our blue chalcedony rough is no less than 75% clean, in fact it is usually 90% clean or better for A , and you can get after cutting them very clean, eye clean , no inclusions or flawless blue chalcedony.

Custom Requests

We will gladly assist you in selecting a specific size & color blue chalcedony from our mine. Just let us know what you are looking for.