Blue Chalcedony Healing Properties


The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach

Authors: Robert Simmons,Naisha Ahsian

Chalcedony is silicon dioxide mineral (SiO2) composed of nano sized quartz grains. Mostly colored and sometimes patterned by other pigmented mineras. Its hardness is about 7 at mohs scale. Chalcedony is different from Jasper in that the Quartz fibers in Chalcedony are parallel and perpendicular to surface, macroscopically it displays raiating stalactite, grape shape like or kidney shapes. Chalcedony deposits are distributed all over the Earth, especially in India, Brazil, Madagaskar and Turkey. Chalcedonies range widely in color, pattern, location of origin and name.

The name Chalcedony may have been derived from Greek port city of Chalcedon (Today Kadıköy, Turkey). Varieties of Chalcedony were worked into jewelry and carving by the ancient civilizations in Eghypt, Greece and Rome. As gems of antiquity, they were believed to imbue their holders with various benefits.


KEYWORDS: Calm , balance, centeredness, inner knowledge, communication
CHAKRAS: Throat (5th), Third Eye (6th)


When there is a need for softness in the auric field, at times when stresses mount and one’s center begins to wobble, Blue Chalcedony can restore calm and balance. This stone utilizes the energy-magnifying capacity of Quartz, its main constituent element, to beam out its serene vibrations in ways that soothe one’s whole being, from the conscious mind to the inner child, and all the way down to the animal self.

Because it is a strong representative of the Blue Ray, associated with the throat and third-eye chakras, Blue chalcedony affects the mind on many levels. Its stimulates telepathy and all types of communications with the invisible realms. It helps one speak things which are below one’s normal conscious awareness and is this a good stones for those in therapy and an excellent tool for those engaged in counseling others. Because it connects to the subconscious, Blue Chalcedony can also assist in the remembrance of past lives, and its orientation towards inner healing means that the memories recovered with blue chalcedony stone will be those most relevant to what is needed for one’s progress and growth.

Blue chalcedony harmonizes with Purple chalcedony, Chrysoprase, Owyhee Blue Opal, Oregon Opal, Alexandrite, Petalite, Lapis and Ajoite. In particular, Ajoite and Owyhee Blue OPal assist in stimulation of the throat chakra. Purple Chalcedony links the throat to the Alexandrite and Oregon Opal open one to recollections of past lives, allowing Blue Chalcedony to assist one in articulation the regain wisdom. With Moldavite and Tibetan Tektite, Blue Chalcedony takes on a more dynamic energy of transformation throught inner work.


Blue Chalcedony touches the energy field like the sooting blue of a cool mountain lake. Its frequency is calming and centering and helps to soothe the emotional body. Blue Chalcedony is excellent for those who tend to worry, as it helps one to center in the present instea of habitually projectiong into an imaginary future.

Blue chalcedony stone activates the throat and third-eye chakras, assisting one in speaking one’s deepest knowledge and guidance with ease. It is a powerful stone for communicationg with spirit and can be use to encourage speaking in tongues or the language of light. It aids one in being more positive, conscious and clear in one’s communications. Blue Chalcedony is excellent for singers, attorneys, leaders or others who may strain their vocal apparatus through overuse.

The frequency of Blue Chalcedony feels like a deep inner ice cube on inflammations or wounds in the energy field. It can help prevent energetic les and repair holes in the aura. It aids one in releasing deep anger patterns from the energy field. It is useful in alleviating feelings of desperaton, panic and anxiety.


This ally helps with divine communication, speech and channeling work. It assist in repairing the energy field and sealing leaks or holes.


For those who experience frequent bouts with irrational angeri feari panic or anxiety, Blue Chalcedony can assist in calming these emotional patterns and dissolving them in the energy gield. For those who tend to speak before considering the impact of their words, this ally helps one become more conscious of one’s wrds and the tone of one’s voice.


Blue Chalcedony stone is good all-around stone for throat chakra and physical throat health. It can help strengthen one’s vocal apparatus and to help prevent or heal vocal strain. It is an excellent choise for sooting sore throats and throat infections.

AFFIRMATION: I am at peace with myself and my world, and awareness of all that I am is ever-growing.



Peaceful Resolution

The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones

Author: Margaret Ann Lembo

COLOR(S): Blue
CHAKRA(S): Throat, Third-Eye, Crown
PLANET(S): Venus
ASTRO SIGN(S): Libra, Aquarius

AFFIRMATION: I am calm and at peace within myself. I embrace the oneness of all life, and my peaceful attitude prometes goodwill for all. I am generous with my time, attention, and resources, and in this way, I spread love and joy.

SPIRITUAL USES: Chalcedony is named for the ancient seaport, Chalcedon. Cylinder seals made of this stone date back to 2500 BCE. Chalcedony was use in the Jewish high priest’s breastplate with inscribed gems representing the twelwe tribes of Israel, worn by Moses’ brother Aaron. The historical lineage associated with this stone provides spiritual power and innate wisdom. Blue chalcedony specifically can be used to tap into your connection with the ancestors and the wisdom and knowledge of those who have walked on this planet before you. Historically, chalcedony was scared to the goddess Diana.

MENTAL USES: The pastel blue of this chalcedony elicits sooting energy of a peaceful lake. Use this stone to help turn off the incessant chatter going on in your mind. Breathe deeply and relax. The calming vibration of this stone slows inner talk, aiding you in sorting out the mental images and conversations going on inside.

EMOTIONAL USES: Blue chalcedony relieves hostility and irritability. It promotes feelings of kindness and compassion. Just as the gentle lapping of the calm blue ocean on the shore promotes balance and healing, this stone brings your emotions to a balanced state when use with conscious direction. With this stone in hand, set your intention to realign your emotions and sort out all those unsettling feelings.

PHYSICAL USES: Blue chalcedony stone is useful for healing problems associated with the throat, neck, or head. Use this stone for a headache, a sore throat, or an earache. This stone is beneficial for calming inflammations and sinus conditions.

DIVINE GUIDANCE: Are you feeling angry and frustrated? Are you having trouble finding te right words? Are you looking for inspiration? Now is the time to quiet your mind and tap into the higher frequencies of the angelic realm. You’ll release the anger and frustration by doing this because you’ll have accessed inner knowing and find peace.

About the stone: Blue chalcedony refers to the blue veriety of chalcedony, which is cryptocrystalline or microcrystalline quartz.

Crown Chakra

Located at the top of the head.Its function is understanding. Its inner state is bliss. Its color is violet and its planet is Uranus. Its stone is amethyst. Its meditation is: I understand. Balancing this chakra is said give vitality to the cerebrum and effects the development of phychic abilities. Energies: Air, Meditative, Intuition, Promotes thought.

Crown Chakra: The thoughtchakra is located at the crown of the head. It deals with pure cosmic energy and is blocked by earthly attachment. Meditate on what attaches you to this world. Let all of those attachments go.

Third Eye Chakra

Located in the center of the forehead above the eyebrows. Its function is seeing, intuiting. Its inner state is: I know. Its color is indigo and its planet is Jupiter. Its stone is Iolite. Its meditation is: I see. Balancing this chakra helps phychich perception and balances the pineal gland. Energies: Air, Meditative, Intuition, Promotes thought.

Light Chakra: The sixth pool of energy is the light chakra, located in the center of the forehed. It deals with insight and is blocked by illusion. The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation. Things you think are separate and different actually one and the same. We are all one people.

Throat Chakra

Located in the throat. Its function is commnunication, creativity. Its inner state is synthesis of ideas into symbols. Its color is bright blue and its planets are Mercury and Neptune. Its stones are :Sodalite, Blue lace agateiLapislazuli. Meditation on: I speak. Balancing this chakra is important for the speech and communication areas of the brain. Energies. Water, calming, sooths, relaxes.

Sound Chakra: The fifth in the chain is the sound chakra located in the throat. It deals with truth, and is blocked by lies. The ones we tell ourselves. You cannot lie about your own nature.

Hearth Chakra

Located in the center of the chest. Its function is: love. Its inner state is compassion, love. Its color is green and its planet is Venus. Its stones are Green/pink stones – peridot, rose quartz,malachite.Meditaiton on: I love.Balancing this chakra is important for circulatory system, heart and tymus.It also effects spiritual love, compassionand universal oneness.Energies: Water, calming, sooths, relaxes.

Heart Chakra: The fourth chakra is located in the heart.It deals with love, and is blocked by grief. Lay all your grief out in front of you. You have indeed felt a great loss. But love is a form of energy , and it swirls all around us.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Located in the area above the navel area. Its function is will, power. Its inner state is laughter, joy, anger. Its color is yellow and its planets are Mars and the Sun. Its stones are: Amber, Topaz and Citrine. Meditaion on: I do. Balancing this chakra is associated with calming emotions and frustration, easing tension and helping to better utilize intuition. Energies: Fire, energizing, charging, lends energy.

Fire Chakra: Third is the fire chakra, located in the stomach. This chakra deals with will power and blocked by shame. What are your biggest disappointments in yourself?

Navel/Sacral Chakra

Located in the lower abdomen, genitals, womb. Its function is desire, sexuality, pleasure, procreation. Its inner state is tears. Its color is orange and its celestial body is the Moon. Its stones are: Coral and Carnelian. Meditaion on : I feel. Balancing this chakr is associated with sexual vitality, physical power and fertility. Energies: Fire, energizing, charging.

Water Chakra: Next is water chakra. This chakra deals with pleasure and is blocked by guilt. Now look at all the guilt which burdens you so. What do you blame yourself for?

Root/Support Chakra

Located at the base of the spine.Its function is survival and grounding.Its inner state is stillness and stability. Its color is red and its planets are Earth and Saturn.Its stones are: Garnet, Ruby, Onyx, Obsidian. Meditation on: I am. Balancing thischakra gives energy to the physical body, controls fear, increases overall healy and helps in grounding.Energies: Earth, grounding, focusing, centering.

Earth Chakra: First we will open the earth chakra, located at the base of the spine. It deals with survival and is blocked by fear. What are you most afraid of?

seven chakras of body

seven chakras details table

7 CROWN chakra

6 THIRD EYE chakra

5 throat chakra

4 HEART chakra


2 SACRAL chakra

1 root chakra



Chalcedony, Purple

Keywords: Awakening of psychic abilities, aura cleansing, purification, union with the Higher Self
Element: Wind
Chakras: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th)

Robert Simmons: The psychic energies which are softly touched by Blue Chalcedony are fully activated by attunement with Chalcedony, Purple. One’s dormant capacities for clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, psychometry, channeling, prescience and prophecy can all be activated through intensive work with this stone. Access to the Akashic records and past knowledge of ancient civilizations are also among the realms one can enter with the inner vibrational keys provided by Chalcedony, Purple.
Chalcedony, Purple is a pure stone of the Violet Ray. This makes it a powerful influence for purification and cleansing of the auric field, and as a provider of psychic protection. Negative attachments from this life, or even many past lives, can be severed by calling forth the purifying energies of these stones. Chalcedony, Purple is strongly associated with the energies of St. Germaine and with what is known as the Magic Presence—the interlocking of one’s everyday identity with the Higher Self through a ray of Violet Light, from one’s crown chakra upwards to where the Higher Self is centered, at the apex of one’s energy field.
The Violet Ray (or Violet Flame) radiated by Chalcedony, Purple is also useful for those who wish to attract their spiritual twin, or soul mate. As one is cleansed inwardly by the Violet Flame, one’s true self begins to shine more clearly through the dissipating veils of the false layers of one’s indoctrinated ‘self.’ As this happens, one’s pure vibrational pattern can attract the resonating pattern of one’s soul mate, in ways that can be both rapid and astonishing.
Carrying or wearing Chalcedony, Purple will serve to incorporate its energy pattern into one’s own, but faster results are achieved with meditation and dreaming.
Chalcedony, Purple harmonizes with Moldavite, Blue Chalcedony, Amethyst, Sugilite, Charoite, Phenacite, Lilac Lepidolite and Gel Lithium Silica. Amethyst, Sugilite, Gel Lithium Silica and Charoite are all stones of the Violet Ray, and they help strengthen this connection. Phenacite assists in stimulating the capacity for clairvoyance, while Moldavite quickens the process of transformation of the lower self. For those not fully active in the lower chakras,
adding Carnelian or Zincite will be very helpful. Golden Labradorite assists one in directing the powers awakened by Chalcedony, Purple through the evolved will, for the highest good.

Naisha Ahsian: Chalcedony, Purple color acts as a psychic stimulator and protector, as well as a caller of visions and dreams. Both Purple and Blue Chalcedony activate the third eye chakras, but Chalcedony’s Purple color frequency accesses the deepest levels of the subconscious, bringing long-hidden blockages, memories, or patterns into consciousness. It is a powerful stone for journeying consciously through the dream state. It is an excellent ally for the clearing and balancing of the third-eye chakra. It can be helpful for psychics or others to place this stone on the third eye in order to break a connection to someone to whom they have attuned.

The frequency of Chalcedony, Purple aids those who feel bombarded by ‘negative’ psychic information they pick up from people or from the environment. Due to its soothing and protective qualities, it is excellent for those who feel they are too sensitive to energy, and it can assist these individuals in gaining more control and discernment in their psychic awareness.
Chalcedony, Purple can help children feel safe with their psychic and intuitive abilities. It helps them learn to regulate their receptivity and feel more protected on an energetic level.
Spiritual Chalcedony, Purple offers both psychic awakening and psychic protection. It enhances the dream state and can help with lucid-dream work. It allows one to remain positively centered as one receives intuitive or energetic information from external sources, and prevents one from being thrown off-center by negativity one may encounter on a psychic level.

Emotional: Chalcedony, Purple color is less active on the emotional body than Blue Chalcedony, but it does offer a sense of emotional protection from negativity, and it helps one feel more connected to one’s higher source. It is especially useful for assisting children in coming to grips with their psychic abilities and in protecting them from negative energies.

Physical Chalcedony, Purple helps one reach the meditative brain-wave patterns of Theta and Delta while remaining conscious. It is excellent for those who tend to fall asleep during meditation. It can be used to help balance the effects of narcolepsy and other sleep disorders.
Affirmation: I am awakened to my full identity—I accept this expansion and surrender to the will of my Higher Self.

Feng Shui and blue chalcedony

Feng Shui, “wind” and “water”, which means life energy that exists in nature, is an ancient Chinese teachings showing the actuation method habitable areas.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of placement, to ensure the environmental compatibility is an application for making the space set in space. The source of the term “The winds wild / Solar warm / Water clear / Trees Lush” is believed to come from the poem. [1]

Five thousand years of history [citation needed] Feng Shui teachings of, that human existence properties of the editing method suitable habitat and thus more healthy yaşanılıp, happy relationship that is established, levy earnings to develop our career in the personal development is believed can be sustained.

Feng shui geographic, religious, philosophical, mathematical, aesthetic, and a separate Chinese belief system comprising a mixture of ideological ideas. [2] However, it is not a religion or sect.

A place of “good feng shui” to be in harmony with nature’s ratio of having the “bad feng shui” is to have the ratio of nature is incompatible. Feng shui is a decorating style. More outline is a discipline compatible with most decorating styles. People generally have good feng shui or not he with not defined. [2]


Basic Rules

  • Chi: Traditional Chinese culture, the life energy is believed to be a part of every living thing in the universe, spiritual energy.
  • Yin-yang: In Chinese philosophy, the general definitions of natural opposites believed to have faced each dynamic object in the universe and in people’s perception of events in nature. Passive, darkness, feminine, negative, and depicting consumption “Y” into the night, the active, the light, the masculine, positive and production depicting the “fire” refers to the day. Yin and Yang are in a constant struggle together to create the whole.
  • The five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water consists of. People born in the year are as they are under the influence of these elements.
  • Bagua map directions: The most classical Feng Shui teachings. According to the direction in which the compass space envisages separation into 9 sections. This section takes into 8 major dimensions of life and energy of the starting point of the center section. Health, love, wealth, career, expectations expressed in aspects such as education on the Bagua map.


Feng Shui and Crystals

For centuries, all civilizations have benefited from the power of the stones for different reasons. The interaction between the human universe and the micro model space with natural stone and relationship varies according to the intended use.

Represents the earth energy that all stones, they create different effects:

Southwest toward our bedroom, a double representing the combination of natural stone of love and marriage relations between our energy,
Our children’s room or on our desk, northeast direction, education, self improvement, information and travel energies,
West direction, the chances of our children,
Northwest will increase their support and solidarity energy.

In particular, energy harvesting, storage and forwarding of quartz (quartz) to increase energy and negative energy in crystals places carry prevention features. Use blue chalcedony north side of your house.

They live just like natural stones in vivid, energy, and energy data they are loaded. Protect them with love and cleaning is required. Maintenance Performing stones faded over time and will not give you energy.

The recommended method to clean your stone:

Sea water or saline to wash soaking.
Keep the candle light.
Buried in the ground to hold one or seven days.
Storm or leave outside in the rain.
Strong, masculine, yang that excludes in bright sunlight to install active energy.
Soft, feminine, yin that excludes the moonlight to install calm energy.

In addition, natural stones in different colors, sights and emit different energy to the people who live here.



Chalcedony Chakra Stone Pebble

Blue Chalcedony Chakra Stone

Blue Chalcedony Chakra Stone