Wholesale blue chalcedony offer #1

  • 3 metric ton wholesale blue chalcedony rough, includes shipping and handling.
    • High transluceny
    • USD 8.9/kg CIF Destination Airport for 3 ton.
    • Delivery time by aircargo: 2 days
    • Order Preparation: 3 days
    • Packed by export barrels (30L, 60L, 120L)


Blue chalcedony 3 ton wholesale offer

IMG_0532 IMG_0534




One thought on “Wholesale blue chalcedony offer #1

  1. King

    Could you send some pictures of your new blue chalcedony with A grade or AAA grade?

    How much A grade or AAA grade?

    How many quantity A grade or AAA grade you have now?

    Thanks a lot.

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